Process Safety Audits

process safety audit, process safety gap assessment

 In the Chemical Industry, the term “Safety, Health and Environment”(SHE) also includes Process Safety. Process Safety Management is a discipline that proactively identifies and manages the risks the chemical industry faces while storing, handling and manufacturing hazardous and reactive chemicals, with the intent of preventing process related injuries and accidents. In today’s global business environment, the chemical process industry should continually improve their process safety performance. With greater public awareness and media coverage about leaks and incidents in chemical process industry, the chemical industry must ensure proactive process safety management and audit their process safety management systems periodically.
Based on the implementation and auditing Risk Process Safety Management Systems in various chemical process industries in India and overseas, Prism Consultants have developed a 3 P approach for auditing process safety.  The three P’s are People, Processes and Performance.   People support processes, which in turn, deliver performance.

In many audits, the “People” part is often neglected.
Use Prism Consultants expertise in auditing your process safety management systems.