Investigations of Fires/Explosions and other incidents

process incident investigation

Prism Consultants independently carry out third party investigation of Process incidents like fires, explosions, runaway reactions, tank collapses, abnormal situations etc that have a direct impact on process safety. The aim of these investigations is to enable management to pinpoint the root causes of the incident including human factors that led to the incident and to avoid recurrence of the incident. The investigation also helps to identify management issues that may be having an effect on process safety. These issues could include communication, culture and competency. Prism Consultants fully understands the confidentiality of chemical plant specific information and will hold all information, findings, observations, reports, etc in strictest confidence.    

Why is a Third Party Process Incident Investigation necessary?

process incident investigation

Many of the root causes of an incident are only revealed when a systematic analysis of the human factors involved in the incident are identified. In many incidents that have been investigated by Prism Consultants, it has been observed that the systemic root causes have not been identified by the in house team. This is due to a cognizant bias that is involved as the persons involved in the investigations are working within the constraints of the system . Use Prism Consultants expertise to identify the true root causes the incident. Established techniques, along with experience gained from investigating numerous incidents, are used to identify the root causes. These include event and causal factor charting, Man-Technology-Organization analysis and barrier analysis.

What is the experience of Prism in investigating process incidents?

process incident investigation

Mr B.Karthikeyan has investigated many process incidents that have resulted in fires/explosions/ loss of containment/ runaway reactions etc. Some of the incidents investigated:

  • Investigation of centrifuge fire in pesticide technical plant
  • Investigation of red phosphorous fire incident in pesticide technical plant 
  • Investigation of runaway reaction incident involving fatalities in pesticide technical plant
  • Investigation of flare system liquid carryover incident in petrochemical plant
  • Investigation of catalyst poisoning incident for a fertiliser plant 
  • Investigation of fired heater coil rupture incident for a fertiliser plant 
  • Investigation of refrigerated ammonia storage tank inner wall failure 
  • Investigation of brittle failure of piping component in low temperature service
  • Investigation of fire in hazardous material storage warehouse for a petrochemical plant  
  • Investigation of fatality in vacuum system in fertiliser plant
  • Investigation of runaway reaction and reactor explosion in batch plant 
  • Investigation of fire in FRP grating manufacturing plant
  • Investigation of Tilt Furnace steam explosion incident
  • Investigation of fatal accident due to chemical decomposition  

process incident investigation
process incident investigation
process incident investigation